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Create your own Sensational Reality

Kerrie Baldock - Monday, September 12, 2016

Consider this… A lot of people these days are saying that you create your own reality and that what you believe to be true, is true for you. Our reality is built on our thoughts and far so good; not many people would disagree with this. Next one...change your thoughts, perceptions or beliefs and you change your reality. I think for most people this is a given, not always easy to do mind you, but it’s another ways of saying “Change nothing and nothing changes, change something and everything changes”. Still with me so far?...good.

The universe can be thought of as everything that is outside of us or everything that isn’t us. There is each of us and then there is everything around us or the collective idea of the universe. Within this Universe there is a small group of negatively inspired people or “downers” who think that the universe is against them, that the odds are stacked against them and that the world (or everything that isn’t them) conspires to bring them down. The vast majority of people have more of a wait and see approach. When something bad happens to them they say “OMG that’s bad!” but equally when something good happens they say “Oh that’s really good!”

If what we believe and think creates our reality and what the Universe sends us or what we believe it is sending us (which amounts to the same thing), then it seems reasonable to me to believe that everything the Universe is sending us is perfect for us at the time. We can’t either prove or disprove any of this but just think if we believe everything coming to us is perfect and we choose to believe that the Universe IS looking out for us, then we have the proverbial Double Whammy!

When things happen to us we tend to label them: good, bad, awful, amazing etc. Once we have labelled “the event” we give it status and we see it through a haze of emotions. How would it be if we held off with the labeling process and decide that everything that happens to us we are going to see as good. Not just the good stuff, but everything! An internationally re-known Business Professor, Dr Srikumar Rao asks his class to look around the room and find something red. He then tells them to close their eyes and remember something they have just seen in the same room that was blue. Very few can because they only see what they are looking for!

By consciously and actively looking for the good, we might just find it and how sensational would that be!

Kerrie Baldock